INFECTED MUSHROOM’s first LIVE set after quarantine and the presentation of the new album More Than Just a Name. The only one concert in Russia! Party all night! The energy of these musicians cannot be measured by any instruments, and it has long gone beyond trance. INFECTED MUSHROOM’s sound is filled with various genres of electronic music, from drum and bass to dubstep, and trance rhythms combined with virtuoso guitar passages create the band’s unique musical style.

Why do we love INFECTED MUSHROOM? For the unique sound of course. For powerful remixes of The Doors and Foo Fighters, for bright duets with Jonathan Davis from KoYan and reggae artist Matisyahu. And of course for the legendary trance hits — CONVERTING VEGETARIANS and CLASSICAL MUSHROOM. And this is only a small part of what we will hear on May 15!

This concert will go down in history as INFECTED MUSHROOM’s first live show since the pandemic. For a whole year they have been accumulating strength to fall on the audience with all their musical energy. This is unlikely to happen again in the future! Still not sure whether to go or not? The answer is obvious!

For those who for some reason will not be able to get to the concert or will not have time to buy a ticket, we will organize an online broadcast. Our friends from LOOKPORT will take care of shooting with multiple cameras using 2D and 360VR technology, which will allow you to fully experience the atmosphere of the concert, wherever you are. All the details and sale of tickets for the online concert on the website

INFECTED MUSHROOM grand concert in Moscow


DJ and promoter, known on the Russian trance scene since 1997, is included in the TOP-100 DJ’s of Russia according to PromoDj. For 15 years of work, Demos has held more than 500 events of various formats, including outdoor festivals, founded his own music label Artfreaktion Records, which released releases of foreign and Russian electronic music.


One of the most charming representatives of Russian dance culture. DJ, musician, producer, radio host, and all this is her. She skillfully maneuvers between hard psytrance and light progressive house. Her sets always consist of the best tracks of foreign and Russian musicians, as well as her own compositions. With superb charisma and excellent playing technique, she always leads the audience through a deep journey into the musical future. To the future, where there are no limits to our imagination.


A unique phenomenon of the Russian electronic scene, the embodiment of positive energy, cheerfulness and style. Today, the range of styles Katrin plays ranges from Lounge and Deep House to Psy Trance and Drum’n’bass.


Russian composer working in the electronic music segment Psy Trance & Psy Chill / Progressive. During his long career, he has released several albums, dozens of compilations and many singles on the world labels Shiva Space Japan, Doof, Drugless, USTA, Deja Vu and others.


A cult Russian psychedelic trance project with a rich history. The hallmark of Transdriver’s music is its originality and uniqueness, combining rigid musical structure and melodism.

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(пн-пт с 11 до 19)