Give me back my 1992

New Year’s concert with the participation of rappers of the 90s: Bad Balance, Malchishnik, Mr. Maloy
1930 Moscow

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Moscow, Party lane, 1/6

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Dedicated to all the bad guys of the 90s! At the beginning of 2022, we propose to go back exactly 30 years, erase the time frame and recall the dashing years to the main hits of that time. On January 21, the 1930 Moscow club will host a unique concert “Give me back my 1992” with the participation of cult artists who sounded from every cassette recorder at that time. This evening, Bad Balance, Malchishnik and Mister Maloy will take the stage with their armor-piercing hits. No rules - just hardcore and songs that the entire generation Y grew up on.

Previously purchased tickets are valid on January 21, 2022.

Bad Balance Group

It is difficult for today's youth to imagine that hip-hop existed in Russia long before the appearance of Basta and Oxxxymiron. And it's not only existed, but was insanely popular.

The main idols of all those who walked in jeans "pipes", of course, were Bad Balance band and their permanent leader SHEFF, who wrote most of the lyrics in the group. And Mihey and LA were responsible for composing music in those years.

The work of these gangsta rappers became a guide to adulthood for all teenagers of that time, and their songs became the anthems of the millennial generation. Bad Balance’s debut album "Above the Law" became a classic and, in fact, the first rap album in Russia. Bad Balance continues to release new albums and perform live today. Don’t miss the unique chance to touch the roots of Russian hip-hop on January 21 on the 1930 Moscow stage with Bad Balance.

Mister Maloy

Mister Maloy became one of the first Russian rappers. The track "I will die young" literally blew up the rather monotonous music industry of that time, bursting into all the charts and television broadcasts.

Any self-respecting music lover of that time knew the lyrics of all the songs from Mister Maloy self-titled album by heart. By the way, Timeout magazine included this song in the list of "100 songs that changed our lives", and the portal in 2007, he placed the album "I will die young" in the list of the main albums of Russian rap. You will hear all this and will surely sing it by heart on January 21 at the 1930 Moscow club.

Malchishnik Group

What could one dream of after the collapse of the USSR? Of course, about everything that has been forbidden for many years! Jeans, chewing gum, foreign countries and … sex. We will talk about it. More precisely, the group Malchishnik will do it for us, which first spoke about sex in the early 90s.

The debut album "Let's talk about sex" was published three times and sold over 1 million copies, making real stadium stars out of young Arbat breakdancers. And of course, this cassette was on the shelf of any self-respecting fashionista. The Malchishnik group very rarely performs lately, but on this occasion, Dan and Mutabor will again take the stage and arrange a real swing, as they did in '92.

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