All hits in 30 years
Motor ship RIO-1 LOFT BOAT
Moscow, Taras Shevchenko Embankment, 23A, pier "Bagration Bridge"

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On September 23, the group Moralniy Codeks will play a concert in an unusual format for themselves. They will perform on the boat, which will pass along the Moscow River along the most interesting sights. The atmosphere of the songs of the famous group will be complemented by the views of evening Moscow. Those who are lucky enough to get on the ship will never forget this evening.

Moralniy Codeks Group

Formally, it is believed that the Moralniy Codeks Group was founded in 1989 by former musicians of the Skandal, Autograph and Flowers bands, but it received its name only a year later, in the autumn of the 90th.

This moment is considered to be the beginning of their history. It so happened that the 30th anniversary of the team fell on the "pandemic" 2020, and all the celebrations were postponed to 2021.

The concert on the ship on September 23rd will be part of a big celebration that continues throughout the year. The group Moralniy Codeks will perform all the hits for thirty years of its history. And, believe me, there are a lot of them, and the audience sings each song in chorus. Because the work of the "Moralniy Codeks" has already become part of our common cultural code.

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