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Hits and unexpected surprises, the atmosphere of magic and the New Year — the synth-rock band Ocean Jet will perform on December 29 at the Urban Club with a special festive concert.

We thought New Year’s is a great occasion to meet up with fans again this year, celebrate 2021 and come up with new wishes for 2022. Let’s sing, dance and have fun! Come! — commented the vocalist of the group Max Scotch.

Ocean Jet Group

In their songs, you can hear notes of Hurts, 30 Seconds to Mars and even Depeche Mode, but it cannot be said that the musicians are trying to be like these artists.

They know what and how they want to play, masterfully combine electronic sound with indie and rock motifs, and rightfully occupy one of the leading places on the Russian indie scene for the past 8 years.

They have four tours to their credit, festivals at stadium venues, "warm up" at Enter Shikari concerts in Moscow and St. Petersburg, and theater projects with Sasha Petrov - large-scale shows #BORN AND #VERVSTIKHI. The tracks of Weak, Distant and Breaking The Stones, which sounded in Russian TV series such as "Policeman from Rublyovka", "Curse of the Sleepers", "Agency O.K.O." and the short film "The Hijacker" remain musical id Ocean Jet.

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